Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Perfect Birthday Gift

And speaking of birthdays... I got an amazing gift from Chris for mine!


He was very coded about what it was saying things like:
"You don't really need it."
"We'll go do something with it after."
"It's something you wanted."

Turns out he got me a Libyan Tektite pendant!


When we first got to Singapore we found a great little shop with all sorts of crystals.
The lady at the shop was extremely knowledgeable about them and read our chakras; afterward she told us what stones we needed to keep grounded and our energies clean and topped up.
This was the stone she recommended for me. I love it.
The stone itself has an incredible history.

It's only found on the Libyan-Egyptian border and is said to be extraterrestrial.
It was used by Egyptian pharaohs to channel their energies through the gods.
It's also used by healers to keep their energy from being affected by the people they're healing.
It protects you and inspires you.
It grants you the wish you most desire.
It helps you problem solve more constructively.
And it keeps your chakras open and cleanses them.
As a side benefit it looks beautiful!

Thank you so much Chris! What an incredible, thoughtful, beautiful gift my sweetheart!

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