Tuesday, 18 February 2014

L'viv Coffee House

Cafes have popped up all over the place in L'viv.
This one, as much as I think it is touristy, is actually quite good.

It's pretty big.
Great coffee menu.
Has a souvenir shop.
An underground museum-like dungeon.
Creative outdoor/indoor/underground seating areas.
And not too busy either!

You walk in and first thing you see is coffee beans roasting right in front of you.
There are bags of coffee beans from all over the world piled high everywhere.
And you can buy little paper bags of freshly roasted coffee beans right over the counter.

The menu is extensive.
Everything from black to alcoholic coffees, hot chocolates and teas, cakes and deserts...
This place is pricey by Ukrainian standards, but it's also one of the most upper scale coffee shops.

There are three seating areas available.
One is upstairs (where we sat) and has a coffee/book shop feel.
The other is the picture above, in what I believe is an old train station.
And the third is underground in the coffee "mines"

Plenty of hidden tables, nooks and crannies to sit down here.
You can take a walk through even if you decide not to sit here.
Highly recommended.
You get an old school, Soviet style, battery powered lit up hard hat.
It's probably the only light you'll have.

There's an extensive gift shop here too.
Good if you're a coffee fanatic.
"L'viv" souvenirs though are more expensive than other places in the city.

Tip: It's near City Hall. If you see City Hall, you'll see this place. Tours offer to take you here. But really, why would you pay someone to take you 10 feet up the road?

Coffee Manufacture     |     Address: Rynok Square, 10, Lviv     |     Phone: 067 670 61 06

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