Friday, 23 May 2014

Yasukuni Shrine, Budokan and the First Cherry Blossom

I loved being in Tokyo.
After Singapore, it was a breathe of fresh air (literally) and I loved being able to walk all over the city.

One bright, sunny day we decided to go to the Yasukuni Shrine.
I was told soldiers from multiple countries are buried here from WWII, which created tension between Japan and the other countries because they felt their fallen should have been sent home to them.

There's a really nice park here too (which is even better during the cherry blossom festival).

From here we decided to walk to the Budokan arena, which was, fittingly, enormous.
This is where all the sumo matches happen during sumo season.
In the off season artists come to preform here.

And to our surprise, on the way back to the train we stumbled upon the first cherry blossom trees!!

The rest of the cherry blossoms still needed a few days of sun to warm up so in the mean time we had to find other things to do (and if you follow my Instagram you already know what those things are!).

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