Sunday, 4 May 2014

SAM, the Singapore Art Museum

And back to Singapore related posts.
Another option for a rainy day (and a much better one in my view) is the Singapore Art Museum, or SAM.
(Singaporean's love to give acronyms to anything they can.)

It's interactive, interesting, colorful, and deep.

Below is the cheekiest art piece I've ever seen at a museum.
A little Buddha made of soap flipping off the visitors near a fountain.

This is is really interesting as well.
What do you think it represents? Biting the hand that feeds you?

This was a hallway filled with random objects covered in yellow tape.
Funny enough when we walked down this hallway an hour later these things were no longer there.

Below is by far my favorite piece.
There is an incredible amount of detail that's gone into this painting.
It takes up almost the whole wall and when your eyes make their way from one side to the other while you're standing really close you can make out things like people controlled by switches, an Angry Bird, starving children, a monkey with dynamite strapped to it's side and a banana up it's bottom, a coffin, revolutions, and people obliviously with headphones in watching whatever it is on their iPad.

And this one was one of the most interesting exhibits.
It's a pitch black room lined with plexiglass walls that project all types of characters singing, humming and dancing to the music played.

What's your favorite museum in Singapore?

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