Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Exploring Hong Kong

And the story continues...

The next day I got up bright and early all ready to start exploring this new city.
First thing any good explorer does is get a data plan so they can look at maps on their phones.
If that fails, asking for a map at the concierge is the next logical thing to do.
This is what I did (I actually prefer real maps more than data maps).
I had a bounce in my step (perhaps because of my new trainers) and the wind at my back (usually mixed with a lot of sun) and off I went.

From the map I learned there was a botanical garden in my vicinity so following along I made my way there.

While in the park I found a sign for the Aviary, so I had to head there as well.

This place is amazing, and free. There is something like over 200 species of birds here, and if you sit near a feeder long enough you'll see a very large variety of them.

I decided that The Peak was my next destination as it was recommended by everyone that I go up there.
My preferred mode of transportation? Taking one of the steepest trains in the world, naturally.

Once at the top you can get tickets to the Sky Terrace, a viewing deck that gives you 360 degree views of Hong Kong.
However, only get this when it's not raining/hazy or else it might not be worth it.

Not too bad a view from up here. Seeing HK from down below deep within the city I had no idea half of the island was so green!

I had a quick lunch while the heavens opened up out of absolutely nowhere. And just as I was finishing my meal, the rain stopped as well so I wanted to walk all the way back down to the mid-levels where the worlds longest escalator is.
It didn't do me much good though because it was only going up, not down (they change the direction based on the time of day to regulate traffic/congestion better).

I met up with a new friend from the night before and she very graciously showed me to around a bit.
I got a real Hong Kong egg tart (delicious!) and explored the streets I would have been too confused to find my way out of without her.

Another item on the to-do while in Hong Kong was going to Kowloon, walking down Avenue of the Stars and seeing HK from the other side. And that's exactly what we did.

But seeing the skyline like this wasn't enough.
I needed a better view.
And what better way to get one than from the highest bar in world?

Have any of you been to Hong Kong before? Anything you'd recommend I do next time I'm in town?

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