Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Beautiful Vienna, Austria

We left off in Bratislava, just jumping on a train to the next destination...
Vienna, Austria.

We arrived late one weekend night (9pm-ish), hungry as can be.
The hotel was only a 15 minute walk from the city center, and surprisingly the only thing we can find open was a take out pizza shop.
All the restaurants within a 4 block radius were either closed or only serving alcohol.

The next morning we bounced out of bed and skipped down into the city center.

What's even more surprising, all the shops on the way into town were still closed, and mind you it was almost 10am.

I love elephants... we had to wait 20 minutes to get this picture because we thought it would be inappropriate to shoo little kids off of it for my picture.

The Hofburg Imperial Palace was beautiful and definitely worth a visit!!

hofburg imperial palace

One of the coolest memories I have from Vienna is while walking through this alleyway and admiring the architecture, all of a sudden the space was filled with beautiful opera singing.
We looked around for speakers, or a chorus, and next thing you know two parents pushing a stroller walk past, and we found the source of the sound.
The space echoed with a sound I have never heard in person, and it was so fitting for the time and space.

Vienna served as home to some of the best composers in the world.
You can see actors and musicians walking around in time appropriate dress and wigs and there are shows you can watch in a lot of historic concert halls.

Halfway through the day we sat down to coffee and cake; a tradition we were told was popular in Vienna.

I really wanted to go into Mozart's home, however lo-and-behold, it was closed already.

The next morning we woke up in our gorgeous little hotel room to sunshine and headed to the train for the next destination...

VIENNA TRAVEL TIP 1: Get your money exchanged to Euro's before you get here. There is only one money exchange in the city that's opened on the weekend and the exchange rate is horrendous.

VIENNA TRAVEL TIP 2: Find out what you want to do before you get here and check the hours. Things don't seem to stay open very late.

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