Monday, 13 January 2014

Durdle Door and the English Coast

I really wanted to see the English coast before leaving.
It's said to be picturesque and jaw dropping with it's steep, jagged, white cliffs and blue, blue sea.
And it was.
And despite how much people complain about the weather, we had another perfect day.

We hiked up a massive cliff, stopping along the way to enjoy the view (and catch our breath).
And Holly was the happiest dog I've ever seen.

The one thing I specifically wanted to see was Durdle Door.
Because I saw it on Pinterest and it looked amazing.
And luckily for me it was only a short drive away from us!

I think these beaches and hillsides would be amazing for summer picnics.
Despite it being the middle of winter the grass was green and the sky blue which gave me a small glimpse into what it must also look like during the summer months.
I'm so happy I got to see this magical part of England.

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